Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Dragons Please

Miss J has often talked about the dragons which come out of her wall at night so I decided to make sure those dragons knew they were not welcome. The sign had to go on one particular wall because that was the only one they come out of ...It has seemed to work so far -  but of course the sign was not quite correct - "but the dragons are PINK Mummy, not green". Good grief, her love of everything pink even extends to the monsters in her wall.

White cardstock
Red vellum
Black cardstock
Green glitter paper

Circle - Going Places
Cross hatch -Going Places
Dragon - Paper Doll Dress Up
Font - Don Juan


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Door Decor

 Tinkerbell is another character I practiced with my Design Studio and 12 x 24 paper to see how big she would go. These characters look sooo much better when they are large like this. The door sign with Miss J's name on it is vastly changed an simplified from my original idea - and looks much better for it I think.

I am obsessed with the font on the Winter Woodland cartridge and used it again for this sign. The butterflies are from Home Accents cartridge and are just cut in various sizes - glitter paper of course!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cricut Fun

I have really been doing different things this year. I had been a scrapbooker, but lately I have discovered card and invitation making and now "off the page"... mostly making door and wall decorations for my daughter's room. A while ago I was asked to make this door sign for a friend's child ... I had a great time making it and of course I had to use glitter paper on the characters and words! I am rather adicted to glitter paper right now.
Basically I followed the example on the Pooh and Friends cartridge and used my Design Studio to put it all together. I basically cut everything with the help of my Design Studio now. I have a Gypsy but find it harder to work with, so stick (mostly) to my tried and true.
The log was cut at 6 1/4 inches and the Pooh characters at 3 1/2 inches. "Indiana's Room" was the marker and marker shadow font from the Pooh Font cartridge and cut at 2". I used foam art board as my backing, used green and blue 12 x 24 cardstock as my background, then trimmed with ribbon. I have had a bit of a hit and miss with getting an adhesive strong enough to keep the ribbon attached to the foam board. Very frustrating, and I haven't discovered the perfect adhesive yet, but I shall keep practicing.


Thursday, October 07, 2010


So, I have finally done it. After years of reading other people's blogs I now have my own. Over the next few days I will be uploading some previous projects I have done - cards, scrapbooking pages and off the page items I have made.

Let the adventure begin!