Saturday, April 09, 2011

I've been naughty

Hi all,

I've been plugging away at the wedding stuff, I will have to do most of it after J goes to bed at night, but I'm getting there (hooray). Pictures to come. 

I did take a quick break though ... and bought something good from Mandy at Scrappy-Go-Lucky....

It's a black cricut expression!!!

I could not help myself. I've seen all the different coloured cricuts getting around and my old expression was getting old and sad looking. I kept an eye out for a colour that would suit me ---- NOT PINK!! I will be keeping my old E though and using it for various things I have planned for later later this year. I have also ordered something else from Mandy, even more exciting (even more exciting you ask - yes, even more exciting) .... hopefully it will be here early this week.

Do you have a coloured Expression? Or if you don't what colour would you buy if you could?