Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi all,

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had a lovely night. I decided to stay home last night since it is still revoltingly hot here (I am sooo NOT a fan of the heat and a week of 38C-40C is testing my patience). I spent NYE watching TV shows I had taped over this last month ... I had a few gin and tonics too, I'm not completely anti-celebration. Of course I got silly and stayed up until 1am, then my morning loving six year old came and bounced on me at 6:30am -- luckily some Panadol and lots of water has made me feel more human now.

I have so much to catch up on, and things to post that I have made. I did really well this Christmas season, getting out all my Christmas cards and I made four kid's door signs for some friends. 

As for my New Year's resolutions ... I am ashamed to say I will have to recycle my list of "things I want to achieve" from last year. Moving house seemed to distract me for most of the year -- and the evil Kindle took up another chunk of my year. I need to fight my inner procrastinator every day just to get things done.

One thing I did achieve last year was to go to a scrapbooking class once a month and scrap the previous month. I have nearly finished the whole year... one more class and some journalling to finish and I will be done. It is the first/most scrapping I've done in ages, so I'm pleased I stuck with it and it's nearly done.

Now I'm setting myself a bigger challenge for 2013. I've had the Project Life stuff for 12 months or more now -- time to crack on and get it done!

Craziness! ... it just "dropped" to 30C and there is a bit of a breeze so I have turned off the aircon and opened all the doors to get some fresh air in the house. Looking forward to Thursday as it is supposed to be 27C here - yay!

Anyway, best get on and entertain Miss Six. Will download photos to computer and put up all my projects ASAP.

Take care,