Monday, February 28, 2011

Enough already with the heat!

Hi all,

Was not going to post again today but I had to comment on the weather:

39C here today ... 23 consecutive days over 30C (mostly 36's).

Seriously - enough. I am moving to Antarctica. I am just not a happy girl on hot days. Better go stand under an aircon vent.

OK, grumble over....


Someone Something Sunday winner

Hi all,

As promised one person who commented on my blog during the last week has won one of the cartridges I used in my post for Scrappy-go-Lucky.

I had 29 comments over 8 posts and I used the number generator and it came up with the number 20.

The 20th commenter on my blog last week was....

Country Bumpkins Scrapper said...

They look fanastic. So cute.