Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 Personal Challenges recycled

Hi all,

I decided last year not to call them resolutions, so I called them my personal challenges (like a change of name would make it more likely that I would achieve them!)

So here we are in 2013 and since I failed to achieve 9 out of my 10 "personal challenges" I have decided to recycle them.

  1. Attend another Wedding Expo as a stall holder
  2. Be a stall holder at the Up-Market in Perth (higher quality market)
  3. Use all my Cricut cartridges at least once this year
  4. Get healthy
  5. Complete 2012 scrapbook
  6. Get back in touch with the world (friends, family)
  7. Be a better parent (play, listen more, spend time)
  8. Get more energetic
  9. Start living outside my comfort zone
  10. Stop Faffing! (Procrastinating) Get on with it.
So we shall see how I go this year.

What would you like to achieve? Especially with your craft.

Take care,


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