Monday, April 04, 2011

Crazy Weather

Hi all,

Here we are in the second month of Autumn ... apparently! It was 32C here yesterday and we went to a local fair in the morning, then Jessica spent some of the afternoon here....

Crazy, crazy. It is supposed to be cooling down on Thursday  - I will believe it when I see it ;)

I do not have any craft to share with you today ... I am in the middle of doing wedding things for a friend - Bonbonniere boxes, name/thank you cards, menus and table decorations.  I will post photos of all the things I have done soon (including the "save the date", "save another date" and invitations). 

I also have to admit that I have nothing made to show as I have been busy reading a MOUNTAIN of blogs! Momo put up a post a week or so ago and many ladies with relatively unknown craft blogs have put their links on the post (including me). It's been a great way to discover new and amazing craft blogs I never would have found otherwise.

I will make and blog other things this week, as I'm sure I will need a break or two from the wedding stuff.

Have a good one,