Monday, February 14, 2011

Mini Martha?

My 4 year old daughter Jessica loves her craft, and always loves to help with the cooking.

On the craft side of things has her own desk in my craft room. She is always cutting something, or colouring something, or "making" something - MUCH cutting of paper into tiny pieces and MUCH glitter glue used. Usually making more mess than I do - hard to imagine. The other day I had been making cards and wedding invites and Jessica decided she wanted to make cards too... So, with almost no help from me (I pushed in the brads where she wanted them), and in no time at all Jessica had made 5 cards with my scraps ... and some items I obviously did not store high enough.

Being only four years old there are many, many, many things little Miss Jessica is still yet to learn or master, but I was pretty chuffed the other day when her first colouring-in attempt at school turned out like this, with zero help from adults ....