Sunday, February 20, 2011

Someone Something Sunday over at Scrappy-Go-Lucky

Hi everyone,

My friend Mandy has asked me to do a post on her Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog  for her Someone Something Sunday... and I have reproduced it here.

Late last year I went to a scrap weekend and decided it was time to try something different. So I started off with door signs such as this simple one below for Mandy's Sophie. I used a piece of foam art board and I sized it about 12" x 24" give or take and inch or two as this seems to be a nice size to put on a door. 

The two butterflies are from Home Accents in various sizes and the font is from Winter Woodland at about 7". I have to say I love this font. I have used it over and over again on various door signs. I then trimmed it with a 1" Rose Red double-stitched grosgrain ribbon from Stampin' Up! (discontinued). This size of ribbon really gives the board nice coverage on the edge.

I use mainly Doodlebug Design Inc. glitter paper as I find it cuts really well on the cricut and also WorldWin Double Mates cardstock as it cuts like absolute butter on the cricut - love it, love it!

Once I got a little more experience with the door signs I began to cover the plain art foam with paper as a backdrop and then build my picture from there. I also started getting wildly out of control with the glitter paper ... but hey, what kid does not like bright shiny glittery things? My husband, child and some of my friends are all used to me turning up places with glitter all over my face (oops).

Sienna's door sign is made at with the Winter Woodland Cart (font again!) at 3". I then used the Disney - Pooh Font cartridge for the characters, cut at 3.5" each. The tree is from Disney - Pooh and Friends at about 10". Trimmed with 1" Stampin' Up! ribbon again. 

I am so pleased with how this next door sign turned out. It is so bright and cheery and the child I gave it to is obsessed with Elmo so he was really happy.

Everything on this door sign is from the Sesame Street Font cartridge. I used Elmo with the square on p.66 for the background for the S, the basic u and the Sunny Day font for the remaining letters. The blackboards are made at 2.5" and the reading Elmo at 4". I did not have a Stampin' ribbon this time, so I just used some black ribbon from my own stock.