Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching Up

Hi all,

Ooops, I haven't posted in ages. I got a little carried away with real life stuff. I made place cards for two weddings (140 of my acetate ones which take huge amounts of time to make), and then I made the mistake of looking at an AMAZING house for sale in Steven's dream locality. I have since spent my time doing various real-estatey things. We are not decided on moving ... yet.

I had a dream this year of my little one going off to full time school and I would have loads of time on my hands to do all the crafty things on the "one day" list. This has not happened yet, but it is all my own fault so I cannot complain too much.

I have some cards to share but will have to wait a couple of days for the cards to be received and looked at.

I do have one thing to share. At vacation care over the summer they had a Space day. Of course we had lots of dress-ups for Jessica when it was princess and pirate day, but space day?? In the end I did a simple headband with pipe cleaners and images cut with my cricut. I used Cricut Craft Room to cut one normal image and one flipped image of each so both sides were covered.

Stars - A Child's Year
Planets - Disney Pixar
Moon - Paper Doll Dress Up

Almost none of the other kids dressed up, but Jessica had a great day anyway.

My Strut Your Cuts projects from the last several weeks are on their way --- sigh --- It only took me a few weeks to get behind. Bummer.