Saturday, October 05, 2013

Paperclipping Round Table

Hi all,

I have been inspired recently to scrap and papercraft more, and to blog more often ... let me explain....

In June as I was faffing about on the internet, reading blogs and looking at crafty goodness, I followed a link to The Paperclipping Roundtable. Now, as an old fuddy-duddy of 43 I hadn't really heard about Podcasts, but I thought I'd give it a listen. I was intrigued by a lot of what they said.

Then I realised that they had been doing these "Roundtable" Podcasts since 2010 and felt even older and even less tach savvy than I thought I was! (and now I wish I had taken note of who directed me to it).

Obviously a lot of people have already found and listened to the Roundtable, so I'm just sharing my late-to-the-party experience.

Determined to hear all of the episodes, I subscribed on iTunes and downloaded all the episodes to my iPod so I could listen on our European trip ... I did get to listen to a few episodes here and there, but most of the time I tried to listen once I crashed into bed - and as you can imagine when you are travelling - I heard the same 90 seconds of one episode four or five times before I stayed awake long enough one night to hear the whole thing. 

I has taken me four months, but I've now listened to 171 episodes (only 7 to go) ..... and my brain is spinning .... and my family think I'm crackers laughing out loud with my earphones on! 

So many things I have started doing and thinking about. Here are just a few:
  1. I am now a "non-shmo" - I've subscribed to their website
  2. I talk about "ephemera
  3. I have heaps of "ephemera" that I have collected over the years - I've now been vindicated and I'm not a hoarder :-) ... and I'll be able to tell my earlier stories better because of all the stuff I collected
  4. I think about the importance of journalling my story, and I'm actually writing more things down before I forget
  5. I've become a bit of a broken record around my friends because I talk about interesting things I learned or was prompted to think about while listening to the show 
  6. I have been inspired (or enabled, you decide) to buy various iPhone and iPad apps and Lightroom 
  7. I have signed up to various on-line classes
  8. I have written down stacks of scrapbooking ideas and stories I can tell 
  9. I've de-cluttered my scraproom some more (Miss J's teacher is thrilled!) 
  10. I have sorted everything I have from my three big overseas trips into boxes for scrapping later on
  11. I backed up all my photos
  12. I've started scanning all my old photos and negatives
  13. I've learned about heaps of scrapbooking people and products I'd never heard of before!
  14. I've learned that it doesn't have to be perfect - it's better to tell my story in some way than spend too much time stressing about getting it perfect and not getting anything done
  15. I'm not quite ready for mixed-media yet, but I've watched a few youtube videos that inspired me to maybe give it a go one day!

So, have you "discovered" podcasts? Which are your favourites? Are there other things out there on the internet I've not discovered yet?

I'm sure I will blog more about all this soon!

Take care,


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  1. This all sounds fabulous Lisa!! This podcast thing is new to me also but listen I shall!! Thanks for sharing!