Saturday, April 09, 2011

I've been naughty

Hi all,

I've been plugging away at the wedding stuff, I will have to do most of it after J goes to bed at night, but I'm getting there (hooray). Pictures to come. 

I did take a quick break though ... and bought something good from Mandy at Scrappy-Go-Lucky....

It's a black cricut expression!!!

I could not help myself. I've seen all the different coloured cricuts getting around and my old expression was getting old and sad looking. I kept an eye out for a colour that would suit me ---- NOT PINK!! I will be keeping my old E though and using it for various things I have planned for later later this year. I have also ordered something else from Mandy, even more exciting (even more exciting you ask - yes, even more exciting) .... hopefully it will be here early this week.

Do you have a coloured Expression? Or if you don't what colour would you buy if you could?



  1. What a beautiful sight! I love the black one. I have a boring beige one that I have vinyled up with SUPERGIRL! But I couldn't care less what colour...I just love what they do! PC are lucky I am not the colour designer! I'd design a retro daisies.. Or a white embossed looking one. The black one looks HOT though! Enjoy!

  2. How cool........Love the black one! But my choice would be BLUE,that french blue colour. Mine is covered in pretty rub ons