Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Empire

Thought I'd take the time to show you the space from which my blog got it's name... During my previous life  in the Navy if someone was trying to take over lots of responsibilities or physical space for themselves the saying was that they were "building their empire" and basically on their way to taking over the world.

My empire grew by accident ... I used to be Mandy's partner in Scrappy-go-Lucky waaaay back when. I held all the stock at my house in the back spare room. As the business grew I convinced my hubby to let me get rid of the single bed in the room.

So then, when I left the business and all the stock left my house there was an empty room (what a shame). I successfully convinced my hubby to let me take over the room for my craft hobby ... I am very lucky as he has a hobby all his own - fishing, and he owns a small fishing boat and many, many rods, reels etc, etc... so I occasionally lay on the guilt and say "and how much did you spend on the boat and all I want to spend on craft is $xyz."

Scrapbooking and card making are such "accessory sports". You can never have enough tools, paper, bits and pieces etc. I have been collecting for a few years now and I am so lucky to have a place to play with all my stuff.

Well, actually the original plan was for it to be half Jessica's play room and half my craft room. We were going to bring most of her play room in here, but I sneakily whittled that down to her craft desk and a few baskets of puzzles and her craft 'stuff'.

I swear though, that I spend more time tidying up this place than I do actually crafting. I am going to have to learn the art of keeping it tidy.

Enjoy .....

You can never have enough storage!
The baskets and a couple of drawers hold Jessica's things, the rest is mine-all-mine... ha, ha, ha!

Hooray for IKEA ... the whole room is basically from IKEA.
Hubby and I put it all together - marriage tester that one! Bless my hubby's cotton socks.

VERY boring wall. One project for this year is to do a vinyl wall design.

The old chest of drawers came from my mother's parent's place.
My one antique.

More storage!



  1. mmmmm... I have been in this room many times and I can just about recognise it in these photos. LOL. Why do we all show photos of our spaces looking pristine? I think I will post a pic of my craft room as it looks right now - a total disaster zone!

  2. I agree Many mine is a mess at the moment.
    Love the room looks like you would enjoy being in there.

  3. Very impressive! I'm OCD queen myself and love everything to have a place. Love your scrap area.