Friday, March 25, 2011

More storage

Hi all,

I have added to the Empire ... Found an excuse to go to IKEA last week and ended up buying some shelves to fill in the big space on the wall above my desk. I put them together but decided not to add the fancy topper that went on the shelves - I am really not a frilly girl. 

Hubby then joined in on the fun and we went to Bunnings (hardware shop) and bought some more lighting. We fitted the fluros to the bottom of the shelves.

At first I wondered what I was going to put in the shelves as the cartridge storage boxes I have did not fit (oops, that was what I bought the shelves for), but it only took me 10 minutes to nearly fill it, so crisis averted.

 ---- ha ha ha --- more storage, more light!
(feeling like Tim the Tool Man Taylor from "Home Improvement")

Off to actually do some craft - I've sorted, I've tidied, time to play!


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