Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wedding Expo

Hi all,

I thought I'd tell you how I went with the Wedding Expo the other week....

I took my friend Lynn with me - if the invitation thing takes off we might go into business together. Lynn is going to make some "medieval wedding" invites too as that is something she is interested in and also a popular wedding theme here. 

We only had a small table in one of the marquees outside as we are only beginners. Here is a picture of our display.

I already had examples of all the items I made for Beck's wedding, so I made a few matching invite/boxes/place cards and a couple of "paper cakes" to add to the display. I am actually a bit disappointed that I did not take individual photos of everything before the event ... the ground and the marquee were very wet from the cool night we'd had so all the invitations curled up -- arrggghhhh. They flattened out as the day wore on but I was disappointed by the look. Not as pristine as I'd like.

The pink explosion box at the front was a hit. Every time a group came over to look we whipped the lid off - a little bit of wow factor for the day.

I was very happy with the number of people who took business cards on the day. We haven't had any people contact us yet, but hopefully when time comes that they need invites or other paper wedding doodads they will think of us.

Right, so the month of May is done:
the wedding is done, 
SU! Convention is done, 
Wedding Expo is done

hmmmmmm ... what now??!! 

Time to crack on with some new projects - I've got a list a mile long here somewhere......


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  1. Your display looks Awesome Lisa!Love the cake boxes in the last picture.