Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Again

Hi all,

Well, we are home again. It was not just actually a bit of family time with my hubby on leave ... we actually went for three weeks to..... 

Look kids ... Big Ben, Parliament!

Tower Bridge

the United Kingdom!

Hubby was born there but his family emigrated when he was young and they only visited once when he was 7 .. and I have never been there before. 

So much history there, it's amazing. I grew up in a city that is still less than 100 years old (just) and so when we visited all these places and the guides casually would say "this building dates from 1545 or 1127 or ... (something similar)" I was absolutely gobsmacked. We visited castles, museums and seriously old ships (HMS Victory of course). 

23 days is such a short time to "do" England, Scotland and Wales, especially with a four year old, but we soldiered on and saw quite a bit.

The UK ... green, green, green ... after so many years of drought in Australia it was amazing to see so much lush green grass and foliage in the middle of summer.

So, now I am back and need to get stuck into my craft again ... but of course it is now school holidays so it is going to take a little while to get things done.

However, it's good to be back,


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  1. Hi Lisa,so glad you had a good trip.
    I don't live too far away from Portsmouth and would have come and said hi if I'd known you were over!