Thursday, August 04, 2011

Baby girl card

Hi all,

I have had such a busy week, but then I look around and I cannot see that I have achieved anything. Hate it when that happens.

Mind you I have been distracted by Miss Jessica's craft .... Jessica had her birthday party at "The Fairies" on Sunday 

Jessica and the Rainbow Fairy (and some spare chocolate on the face for later on)

Many of the little kids bought her craft projects as presents. So there I have been most of the week face painting, helping with foam art gluing, sand pictures and this stuff called Glitter Lava putty. Jessica decided Mummy needed her face painted too - a tiger - she actually did not do a bad job.

I did accomplish one more thing this week --- our home phones have been driving us crazy --- they are 10 years old and we have changed the rechargeable batteries a couple of times, but lately the phones will only stay charged for a couple of minutes, then turn off. I got so sick of it yesterday I went out and bought new phones. Yay! One thing off the list of things to do.

In craft news:
One of the girls who grew up in my street had her first baby the other day (so very exciting) and I have finally sent her this card in the mail (had to buy some little gifts to go with it), so I thought I'd show you all.

I used metallic silver and whisper white SU! paper and Pretty Pink
Double mates paper. Duck and bling from the stash.

"It's a girl" - Holiday Cakes
Onesie - Wall Decor and More
Coathanger and pegs - Straight From the Nest
Inside washing line - Wall Decor and More 

Finally, finally I am starting to use a few of my MANY cartridges. 

I tried my best to go with the bling with the front of this card (ie pink glitter paper) but it was so garish and not baby girl subtle at all so I had to abandon the idea. I am really happy with this result.


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