Monday, August 08, 2011

Discontinued Paper

I swear it is a conspiracy against me ... everything I like in the supermarket or at the paper shop is discontinued in the blink of an eye... my FAVOURITE blue toilet paper, the BEST pad thai sauce, the YUMMIEST salt reduced corn chips, the most GORGEOUS Cristina Re patterned paper ... sigh...

As you know I did a whole bunch of wedding paper craft for a friend. I fell in love with the patterned paper (and butterflies for some bizarre reason). Anyway, I have just had a couple who loves the stuff I did and wants the same ... but of course the paper is discontinued... as always! 

I have chased enough paper down to do the wedding, and I understand the need for designers and manufacturers to always change their product and have the next best "new" thing ---- but why is it always my favourite thing?

Have you had this problem? What is it that you love that has been taken off the shelf?


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