Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning about History whilst Crafting

Hi all,

I have always been a big traveller and I have always been a big reader, so I find myself buying books when I travel ... usually about the interesting places I've visited. I have a book on the Amish, one on the women explorers of the Canadian Rockies and books on religion from Dubai.

So, when we went to the UK earlier this year I found myself drawn to books again ... BUT after filling a suitcase full of kids clothes (you cannot imagine how cheap kids clothes are there compared to here... seriously!) there was no room for books.

When it was time to go to the British Museum Jessica decided she had had enough of museums (poor chook, four years old and dragged around all these historical places). Steven and I ended up going to the museum one at a time and the other parent staying in the hotel room with Miss Jess. Thank goodness too because the weather was not the best that day and it seemed that everyone in London was there... amazing for a museum.

At the end of my fairly short visit I really wanted to buy ALL the books in the gift shop, but I restrained myself and ended up buying a CD set and a couple of DVDs as these were the best alternatives to books I could manage.

I have started listening to the CDs whilst I do my craft ... 20 CDs actually in the set, called A History of the World in 100 Objects. It was originally a 20 week radio show done by the BBC and the museum's director. WOW and oh my gosh. So much easier than reading and each item has a photo to look at whilst the guy is talking about them. I am so very pleased with my purchase and actually learning a lot. It is amazing the objects of use and objects of beauty that have been created over the last 5,000 years or so.

I am only up to CD number 8 but I am looking forward to listening to the rest. Soaking up the history whilst being creative. Very cool.

Tell me ... do you watch TV, listen to music or just revel in the silence as you are crafting??


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