Thursday, November 03, 2011

Home safe

Hi all,

Well, lucky for me the QANTAS shutdown ended 7 hours before I was due to fly (yay!) so my original flight left only one hour later than scheduled. All good. I cancelled my backup flight and now have a credit to use with Virgin within the next year.

Even better I got home in time to spend the day with some family and friends watching the Melbourne Cup day races and drinking some bubbly ... and putting a few bets on (I think we came out about even - nice)

Hubby made the most amazing pink champagne jelly desserts -- they are very strong so it may take me a few days to eat them all... whilst I was in the air coming home he made them and cooked some chooks and made bread, everything well organised for Melb Cup day. He is such a good chappy. I think he would make a better stay at parent than I do, but I am not keen on giving that job up :)

That's it. No more traveling for me until May next year (I hope). So now I can concentrate on Christmas Cards, Wedding invites and those thousand other craft things I've had on my list all year.

Have a great weekend,


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