Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 Craft Resolutions!!!!

Hi all,

I hate to call my plans resolutions as I have never achieved any New Year's resolutions.. and I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone else who has either. In fact I quit smoking on Boxing Day in 1993 instead of New Years since I figured I had a better shot ---- and it worked, thank goodness.

Anyway .... I was chatting to Mandy again the other day about how many cartridges I own (ummm, lots ... let's just say more than 100 and the lovely Mandy enables my addiction, bless her heart). Yes, it seems that my hobby is collecting cartridges! I have used a good many cartridges but not all of them and usually only one or two images from each cartridge.

So I have decided to challenge myself to use THREE cartridges each week in 2012. Either all on one project or on a few projects. My daughter goes to full time school next year so I am hoping to get my act together to do some crafting at least one full day a week. Mandy mentioned that we should put together a Facebook page and invite others to join in the challenge - I will update you in the next week as to whether we manage that part of it.

I am optimistic for next year and so I am also challenging myself to make a number of wedding invitation prototypes and do another wedding expo to get my business "out there" in Perth. 

On the list is also actually making and sending those pesky Christmas cards!

I have also been given a huge amount of partly used craft items by a very, very lovely lady and so my last plan is to use one of the mediums I have never used before (modge podge, sprays, paint, string etc...) each week.

I am going to use some of those gazillion cuttlebug folders I own too.... seriously I am... and all those stamps... and papers .... ad infinitum. 

NOT on my list is - keeping my craft room spotless (ha ha ha, never happen), and doing anything in a vintage style (not trying new styles this year, I've put enough on my plate already).

So, that is my list of plans/dreams .... What 2012 craft resolutions plans have you made? 


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