Monday, April 30, 2012


Hi all,

WOW, seriously ... May tomorrow? How the heck did that happen? It seems I am asking that every year now. Time starts moving faster the older you get.

I have been reading blogs while I have been "away" from my blog so I know everyone else is still hard at work. I have just been uninspired and consumed by another project - selling our house.

Things on the house selling front are on hold right now, though, pending the people two back on the real estate chain being issued a cheque from a government department. I feel like I am in a song (twelve days of christmas):

Four buying/selling couples
Four lending banks
Four removals companies
Three nice houses
Three real estate agents
Three settlement agents
Two starchy solicitors
One government department...........
And a partridge in a pear tree!!!!!!

At least I am keeping a smile on my face about it --- I try to remind myself that there is no point getting stressed about things I cannot change.Hopefully once the cheque is sorted things will move quickly so we might be moving in two-six weeks. I am still dreaming of my new craft room and making plans in my head. I see a trip or two to IKEA in my future.

Crafting has come a poor third/fourth in my life so I am trying to get my mojo back. I have discovered Pinterest and I am "pinning" all my favourite ideas on my boards to inspire me .... ummm, and spending a little too much of my time doing it. Always the way when I find a new "thing" on the internet.

I have some photos of things I have done in the last six-eight weeks so I shall need to put them into posts. 

Here is my first....

A birthday card for a crafty friend. 

I used Stampin' Up! paper and stamps (tote-ally Tess). In her basket is what should look like pens as my friend likes Copics. Rosette is from Ribbons and Rosettes. 

I am loving the whole rosette thing ... and have also now discovered flowers on the Art Philosophy cartridge ... so you will see lots more of these things in the near future.

Hope you are all well,


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