Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween in Australia

Hi all,

Happy Halloween! 

Halloween is actually quite a divisive issue here in Australia. You are either quite into Halloween and celebrate it or you are very against it. The shops here have really gotten into selling the paraphernalia in the last few years, and many of the younger people are very "into" it, but if you go through the suburbs knocking on doors trick-or-treating you will find many homes that have a sign saying "no halloween here" or simply do not answer their doors.

Halloween really has not been a thing we do here. I remember only one party I went to in my youth. I don't remember if we even dressed up, but apple bobbing was involved - bloody difficult thing to do that apple bobbing. My parents and friend's parents were never interested in celebrating it, so I have to admit that before our daughter got to the age of five we were the "no halloween" people ... It just seemed like another American holiday that we did not want to participate in (and various other bah-humbug excuses my hubby would sprout). But of course, now we have a child in our midst it seems like a bit of fun, and another excuse for her to dress up. 

We are off to a friend's house after school as she lives in an area where a few of the families all participate in the trick-or-treating so you don't go to houses where you would be rejected as such.

Miss J has a witch outfit and requested a broom. Hubby and I went to the "Reject Shop" this morning and found bunches of decorator stick things... some bits of string to tie it all together and we have a broom. I will post a photo of her in costume later. We grown-ups don't generally get dressed up as well to walk the kids around .... unless we are going to a specific party.

I am thinking that I may prepare earlier next year and ask the neighbours how they feel about it -- maybe give them some lollies to hand out if they are willing, and maybe decorate our place a bit if Miss J is still really keen on Halloween. I am not sure of the response as we are mainly in a retiree area and many of them do not see the point of it.

What about you .... really into it? Or a bit against? Not looking for major drama and lecturing here... just interested in what people enjoy celebrating.

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  1. Hi Lisa - they are sooo into Halloween here in Canada. I too never did much when I was little - good old apple bobbing and maybe some toffee apples but that would be it. My kids go to a friends street, where the whole street is mad on Halloween, although I think this will be their last year. We are a no house so always keep the outside lights off. If it weren't for the kids, it would really just pass by:-) Have a good week, and more photos of your craft room please:-)