Tuesday, October 02, 2012

New Roof

Hi all,

Well life is pretty busy right now and school holidays are on, so I've got young Miss JR to entertain full time for two weeks as well. Got to say, though I am pretty happy with my lot in life. I read a great quote the other day about how "your life is someone else's dream", as in people would love to be where you are so be happy with what you have.

The people who sold us this house were sneaky little things and the building inspector we paid was a lazy little thing, so a few items were unknown to us until we started living in the house - i.e. leaky roof, termites and a very lumpy concrete floor in one room. The termites luckily are contained to a small place outside and can be dealt with (having not created much damage), and the concrete floor is now level.

The roof -- sigh. When we looked in the ceiling after we moved in the two tarps and a bucket were a big sign something was  wrong ....  urgent repairs were required, but luckily the lazy building inspector was convinced by us that he should pay for them since the issue was blatantly obvious (if only he'd looked). Our second building inspector recommended though, that the roof needed replacing as the pitch/design of the roof should never have had tiles on it. The repairs we had done are great for now, but we will continue to throw money at the roof over the years unless we do something about it. So, after a bit of soul searching and counting of cash we have bitten the bullet and are getting a new colourbond roof. I received news today that we are booked in to start next Monday! 

Yes, the people we bought from were obnoxious from the start. They made things difficult through the whole buying process, and were obviously sneaky and not quite as up front as one would have liked. This has changed our plans as to when we would do things to the house (i.e. no pool for a few years, sob!), but we did borrow more than we needed at the time of purchase so luckily with a little massaging of bank accounts we can afford to get all these things fixed. Also, anyone would love to live here, it is a wonderful place to be, gorgeous, just gorgeous.... So, hubby and I have decided that we refuse point blank to get upset or angry. The previous owners were very unhappy, bitter people who were not necessarily liked by all their neighbours, and are refusing to pay their realtor (for no justifiable reason than they are penny pinchers as well) and gosh, it really must take sooo much effort every day to be that unhappy. So we just simply REFUSE to waste our energy.

Both hubby and I have worked hard to get to where we are today and we have been incredibly lucky and blessed too, in many ways. Life is full of one step forward - two steps back moments, but gosh I've had some good times as well, and at the age of 42 I am living with the "water views" I thought I'd have to wait for retirement to have. We saw dolphins, ducks, pelicans and all sorts out the window today.....

So, long story short ...... basically that is how I feel today -- happy.



  1. Lisa I am so glad you can take the positive out of a bad situation. My husband always says I take the positive and like you I feel it takes far more energy to be negative or unhappy so why not enjoy what you have and be thankful.
    I hope the roof makes a big difference to the house and the pool will come one day but whilst you have those views who needs a pool!!
    Kim xXx

  2. My Mum used to say that "things will all turn out Ok in the end" these things are always sent to try us, but you have the house of your dreams:-) Hugs, Karon