Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hi all,

Well here I am, back again. So much for posting everyday/week/month this year.... :-(

I have so much I want to write about, but I've been procrastinating, trying to figure out what to say first. So, I've just decided to dive in and say SOMETHING. 

I'm such an old fuddy duddy! I discovered Podcasts in June this year, specifically the Paperclipping Round Table ... Man I am so slow - they have been doing these podcasts since 2010, so I've been ploughing through 3 years of podcasts since I discovered it in June. Much more on that later... but I am sooooo inspired. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my brain right now. Some I have actioned, but a lot is "on the list".

One thing I have been inspired to do via a de-stash suggestion made on the podcast is to sort through all my brads. Egads I've bought a lot of the blighters over the years, but I do not use them. Love the idea of them but something has always stopped me. Then I realised that I hate the tangs, or whatever you like to call them.... So, I pulled the tangs/legs off all the brads I could and then donated the ones I couldn't to my daughter's school.

Oh.My.Goodness ... since I took the tangs off these things I've started using them!! I use either a glue dot or a dimensional and it makes me so much happier to use them this way rather than stabbing through the paper.

Christmas brad un-tang'ed
So, if anyone is still out there I'd love to know if you have ever re-purposed something and loved it more/used it more after re-purposing?

I have so much to show you of things I have been doing, but I thought I'd best start off small... I'm glad to be back! I owe you one Maureen Canning!

Talk soon,



  1. Good to see you back LIsa - and that is a really great idea to re-purpose those suckers :-) How are you enjoying that fabulous new craft room of yours!!

  2. Hi Karon, good to be back! I'm all energised and inspired to get going with blogging again. The craft room is still AWESOME!!! Messy, but I create better with a bit of shambles around me :-)