Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Wedding Invitation

Hi all,

I haven't posted for a week as finishing off the wedding stuff and doing family Easter things took up all of my time.

Here is the invitation I made for the wedding. The pictures do not do it justice in my opinion. I used all the same materials again with the addition of Christina Re Luxury Invitation Wallets. Love these things, so handy. I also used the Christina Re "Paper Style" wedding stationery ideas book for my inspiration. If you live in Australia and need to make wedding invitations this is the book to get.

Invitation with "white side up" glued to invitation wallet and RSVP with "blue side up" popped into the pocket for future reference. Yet again I kept the reject so it is not perfect - note to self: take pictures of things before you give them away. Might steal original back from bride and take better photos. (I have also blurred details)

Outside of wallet. Such a lovely design.

Horrid colour photo but you get the idea .... Finished invitation with ribbon. Buckle is from Favours by Vivaldi.

I am now on the home straight. Bonbonierre boxes, menus and name/thank you cards made, done, finished. I am just finishing off the butterflies for the tables and I am done!! Hooray. 


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  1. I just spent Friday doing wedding invitations too yours look great