Sunday, September 18, 2011

My finger problems.

Hi all,

I have been doing some playing around with Cricut Craft Room. I have to say that for my Expression I love it. I have done a few projects that I'll show you next week and I love how they turned out and how easy CCR was to use... especially for finding the images I want to use.

But, of course then I got too full of myself! I was so excited on Friday night when I was trying to design a card for my niece. I worked out a few things with the Imagine functions on it and was so chuffed ... then I tried to print/cut it out ... apparently I am not nearly as smart as I'd like to think I am!

I cut and pasted, divided images and deleted parts, mixed around the little girl and gave her  a different dress .... but somehow it all went wrong. The yellow around the Happy birthdays - not supposed to be there. The extra arms on the girl - not supposed to be there.... and my poor old Imagine machine could not take the pressure. It printed, then spat the mat out the back and did not cut it.

I started all over again and tried different things and pressed buttons a little more carefully. I also learned how to get rid of the border around the girl. Unfortunately CCR is not working right now so I cannot find out whether I got it right the second time, but I have learned a few things not to do!

Hope you are all having a great weekend. It is raining and very windy here at the moment and at 3:10 am this morning I heard the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard - the pictures on my bedroom wall shook!! Poor Jessica came running into our room and stayed until morning. I am a bit of weirdo though - I love rain and storms - we have too much drought in this country and so rain always cheers me up.

Well, I am on a roll creatively so I'd best get back to it. I only have an hour before I have to pick up the little one from her Nanna's house. Have a good one,


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  1. Hi Lisa, this looks great! I have the cricut craft room but have not had the time to play yet. Looks like fun:)