Friday, September 16, 2011

Map of Australia on Cricut Cartridge

Hi all,

I have just been playing about with Cricut Craft Room and I found a map of Australia (ummm, minus Tasmania)! 

It is on the Phrases cartridge and under the label "Canada Day". There is also an "Australia Day" icon.

Nice to see a bit of Australia on a cricut cartridge... OK, most of Australia (poor Tassie is always left out).

The rest of the cart looks pretty good too ... Oh dear, another cartridge I "must" get... I was very naughty and bought anther couple of cartridges the other day from Mandy - Flower Shoppe and Sweet Tooth Boxes. The Boxes one will be great for the wedding invitation/papercraft business and the flower one will hopefully help me out with the flowers (I do not seem to be very good at making them). I keep saying that I will not buy any more carts until I use all the ones I have, but I cannot help myself - craft is such an accessory sport! 

I have really been making such an effort to use my carts though, especially for cards. One day I will get back to scrapbooking, one day. I am really focusing on the invitation side of things first, to get that up and running, then I can get back to other things.

Yikes, it's 11:35pm, best get to bed.

Have a good weekend,


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