Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toilet Roll Carol Singers

Hi all,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 

Ours was lovely ... lots of lovely food and lovely people, some nice bubbly and a few swims in the pool ... cannot ask for anything more!

Thought I'd show you something Jessica and I made as a Christmas decoration... 

I normally do not buy Jessica kiddy magazines but I did buy the "Disney Family Fun Christmas Craft magazine" that Jessica saw in a newsagents ... of course she then begged me to help her make everything in the book. We ended up making these toilet roll carol singers (the angel is a cardboard one from Spotlight coloured in by Jess). I love Jessica's interpretation of their singing faces.

Their hats were supposed to be socks (representing wooly hats), but I did not have any spare to use.

It is rather hot today (38C) so I am off for a swim to cool off.

Have a good one,


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  1. love those cute faces - Jess is so observant! If anyones interested Spotlight has those large Angels at 75% off - worked out about $2.30 each - I got a few for next Christmas and there were still quite a few left this afternoon.