Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday card by Jessica

Hi all,

Thought I would share my daughter's version of this card that I made recently. All I did was cut out the card itself and stamp the seal image on ... everything else she did herself ... very proud since she is only six!

Eeeegads glitter everywhere - yup, that's my kid

Not too sure on the significance of the banana - maybe
something she learned to draw this week?

The craftroom floor is being ground down/sanded down as I write - each guy we got in to give us a quote said "gee I've never seen a floor this bad/uneven/lumpy before".... sigh. We did have a win though. The first building inspector agreed he may have missed some blatantly obvious faults in the roof and has agreed to pay for the repairs and the cost of the second inspector. Of course that still leaves the cost of levelling the craftroom floor and the termite treatment to us, but hey, still a win.

Besides, how can anyone be grumpy here -- we walked outside this morning and saw some dolphins and pelicans, and two ducks walking across our back paving surveying "their" domain -- awesome!

I have a whole day to myself today to catch up with some scrapbooking for a class I am doing, so I had best get to it.

Have fun,



  1. She did a great job!!

  2. Wow Jessica you did a great job, I hope your friend loved the card.
    Kim xXx