Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Craft Room

Hi all,

Now that we have settled in to our new house I have finally been able to look at what we will do with the "games room" that we have. In our old house we had a home theatre set up so we had considered having another theatre room here.

However, I am planning on building up my wedding invitation/craft business and maybe doing card classes or some-such, and the spare bedrooms here are quite small - too small for me to set up my craft room properly like I was in the last house. Plus (as I told my hubby) we could use some of the cupboards for other storage as well - books, DVDs, etc.. You can see I was doing my best to sell the idea!

So ... craft room it is then! A bonus is that there is a door to the outside so I could use it as a "business" entry and not have people wandering through my house.

I have spent a while surfing the internet over the past few months and after discovering pinterest I made up a "Dream Craft Room" board. With those ideas in mind I got four quotes from kitchen cabinet makers and four slightly different designs. I then paid my deposit last week on the "winning" plan. So we stripped out the carpet from the room ready to put in wooden-look lino type flooring....

My before picture - carpet up, furniture we need to sell,
long pieces of skirting board showing how big the dips and hills are in the concrete.
Unfortunately, as is everything with this house, we encountered a small problem (we may have to replace the roof, but that is another drama for another day). Anyway, the concrete floor is seriously, seriously NOT level. A guy is coming out today to give us advice on how to proceed. Let me guess ... $$$. 

I refuse to get despondent, though. It is a huge room, and I am going to have LOTS of storage and LOTS of bench space to play on. Hopefully the process will not take too long ... I want to play now, now, now!  ;)


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  1. WOW Lisa - your room is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it when its finished.