Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas packed away

Hi all,

After it took me nearly three weeks to get around to finishing off putting the baubles on the tree all it took was one day to pack Christmas away. It had to be done, but it's always sad to say goodbye to the Christmas season. I normally try and put all my decorations up on or just before 01 December, but this year I was so busy doing other things it took me ages because I was doing it one or two things at a time.

I am so impressed with the decoration boxes I bought from Spotlight at the end of last year. All the baubles and doodads fit in one of my craft room cupboards... obviously the tree and other big stuff has to go elsewhere (under the stairs).

When so you normally put your tree up and pull it down?


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  1. Hi Lisa - took ours down today, 12 Days after Christmas and we try and put the tree up around the 1 Dec too. House looks so bare! Have a great 2013. Karon